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roof coversfrom natural raw material

About us

Water reed thatched roofs – 100% waterproof

One can choose a contractor that will build a standard technology roof, by standard means and providing standard quality, but one can also order professional services to obtain a 100% waterproof roof covering with a life span of up to 100 years. 

Water reed thatched roofs – the perfect thermal insulation

At the time when the building energy-saving properties become more and more important, the return to the tradition of water reed thatched roofs is one of the most effective ways of improving the buildings’ thermal insulation. Our company offers extremely efficient solutions. In terms of thermal insulation properties a 35 cm thick thatch layer corresponds to a 100 mm thick rock wool - these constructions provide better thermal insulation than any other material. 

The temperature is always perfect

Our company specialises in reed thatching. Unlike an ordinary roof covering, this solution provides pleasant coolness in the summer and safe warmth during wintertime frost. The friendly material makes it possible to build roofs in varied, interesting and unique shapes.

A thatched roof – multi-generational experience 

Unlike other people who learn how to thatch roofs with water reed as they work, our company has an experience dating back to multiple generations. Thanks to this our projects are awarded in numerous competitions and ratings. Our company has been nominated in the category Product of the Year in the Economic Competition organised by the Marshal of the Zachodniopomorskie Province.