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Why water reed thatched roofs?
Firstly – 100-year durability
Our water reed thatched roofs are durable and their life span can reach even 100 years, thanks to our excellent knowledge of the roofing material properties. When constructing roof coverings, we take advantage of the increased silica and wax ingredients content in the stalk at the time of ripening. It makes our roofs extremely resistant to weathering. In addition, they are also more resistant to fire.
Secondly – perfect temperature
Unlike the buildings roofed with standard materials, our thatched roof provides pleasant coolness in the summer and cosy warmth during wintertime. This is all thanks to excellent thermal insulation properties of the water reed. By using the physical properties of air trapped inside the stalks, it features the lowest heat loss coefficient of all known thermal insulation materials.
The layer of thatch only 35 cm thick features the same thermal insulation properties as a100.00 mm thick rock wall layer laid under a traditional roof covering.
Thirdly – 100 percent waterproof roofing
Water reed thatched roofs we build are fully and completely waterproof only because we strictly meet all the thatching guidelines. It is of key importance to ensure a correct pitch (angle of inclination) and thatch fastening. Thanks to this water flows down on the very tips of the reed, which makes the roof surface dry almost immediately after the rain stops falling.
Fourthly – the silence you need
The reed installed on roofs provides unique soundproofing. This is possible thanks to taking advantage of the raw material properties. The inner surface of the reed is porous, which accounts for excellent soundproofing and noise absorbing properties, irrespectively of its source. Other materials cannot provide such silence as our water reed roofs do.
Fifthly – ventilation, i.e. naturally fresh air
The properties of reed we use, naturally breathing when lying on the roof, result in extremely effective interior ventilation provided by our thatched roofs. These properties can be used only when counter battens are fixed in a correct way, thus ensuring a proper air circulation. An additional advantage of this solution is preventing from moisture build-up on the inner surface of the roof.