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roof coversfrom natural raw material



How we build
As professionals specialised in constructing reed thatched roofs, in the first place, we take care of proper craftsmanship of process components. We do it to make our thatch fulfil its function for decades to come.
While placing reed on the roof we carefully check whether each bundle has a circumference of about 60 cm. Then, we cut the bundles in such a way to evenly spread the raw material on battens. We compact the reed forming it in an optimum shape and fasten it to the battens.
Special attention is paid to provide a proper distance between the wall and roof covering. Keeping this distance makes it possible to effectively prevent from moisture build-up. In the places where the amount of water is higher, we apply a thicker roof covering.
When building our water reed thatched roofs we also keep in mind that the roof pitch should decrease as the thatch thickness grows. This principle ensures that the whole water flows down the roof immediately after its appearance.
It is mainly the precise craftsmanship at each construction step that makes our roofs extremely durable and waterproof.
The thatched roof we build, as the only roof covering, requires practically no maintenance at all. The owner should only remove leaves, branches and moss from the roof. Nature makes the rest: the reed ages naturally.